The Search for Inner Peace by Gerald Mann

This series of Posts is based upon Dr. Gerald Mann’s classic The Search for Inner Peace. All of the book’s chapters have been published as Posts. Please click on one of the below links to navigate to the appropriate chapter. The author and the MakeTrix have received the permission of Gerald Mann’s wife, Sandy Mann, to use the contents of his wonderful masterpiece in this series of articles. We are honored and humbled and wish to thank her for her generosity. This series is of course, and as always, provided free at no cost to the reader.inner peace mini


Chapter 1: Challenging Our Illusions

Chapter 2: Accepting The Truth About God

Chapter 3: Feeling God’s Forgiveness

Chapter 4: Giving God’s Forgiveness

Chapter 5: Making Matter Matter

Chapter 6: Dissolving Anger

Chapter 7: The Power of Laughter

Chapter 8: Finding The Will of God

Biography for Dr. Gerald Mann



  • Dr. Gerald Mann, The Search for Inner Peace (Austin, TX:  Gerald Mann Ministries, 1999), pp. 111-123. ISBN: 0-9678502-0-7, Out-of-Print.