Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

Welcome to our interactive Periodic Table of the Elements. Enter the element name or element symbol into the data entry field and then click on the SUBMIT button. A popup window will appear providing a wealth of information on your chosen element. Said information includes:  location in the periodic table, picture of element, basic elemental properties, thermodynamic properties, material properties, electromagnetic properties, reactivity, atomic properties, abundances, nuclear properties, & classification identifiers. The data will even include the current commodity price for the precious metals.

Please note, various sections include interactive links for displaying additional information. For example, clicking on the SPECTRUM link, under Atomic Properties, will display a color image of the element’s atomic spectrum.



Additional Information

The Chemistry Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory has created a free version of the Periodic Table of the Elements. I believe it is the best version of the Periodic Table that I have ever seen. The Los Alamos version is truly a work of art. Click on the button below to download a free PDF of the Los Alamos Periodic Table.

Download the Periodic Table PDF

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