How to lock a door like James Bond 007

How to lock a door like James Bond 007Have you ever wanted to know how to lock a door like James Bond 007? Well you are in luck. Over the last few months I have been investigating alternative methods for securing a door. At first I worked on manufacturing my own tool using my 3D printer. Alas, I could not get it to work. And then I found this little gem. Best of all, this amazing portable door lock is inexpensive. What is it you ask? This great security tool is called the Addalock. In this blog post I will show you how to lock a door like James Bond 007. The Addalock costs only $21.95 for one or $37.95 in a 2 pack (when purchased from Amazon). Even better, the Addalock will easily fit in your shirt pocket or purse. But before I go on, I want to tell you that we received no payment for this evaluation. I purchased this product and tested the Addalock at my home (along with other door security tools). In short, the Addalock out performed its competitors. We have been using the portable Addalock for the last 5 months with zero problems. And let me tell you, the Addalock delivers on security. But let’s look at how one installs the Addalock. It actually takes longer to describe the installation process than it takes to install this great portable door lock. You can install it in a few short SECONDS! The following short video demonstrates how to lock a door like James Bond 007 using the incredible Addalock.



Note: First, I want to mention that the Addalock fits most hinged doors that swing inwards. We have been using this fantastic portable lock on1950’s era wood doors in our home. I only have 1 door that cannot use the Addalock. But that door has some rare/unusual hardware.


How to Lock a Door Like James Bond 007

Addalock Step 1A

Step 1A: Before you install the Addalock for the first time,

you will want to test it to make sure it will fit on your door.

The Addalock is 0.060 inches thick (1.52 mm). But never fear,

the Addalock actually has a test end. This end is conveniently

stamped with the words Test for Fit.




Addalock Step 1B

Step 1B: With the door open, insert the Test for Fit End flush

against the door’s Strike Plate (frame side). Now close the door.

The Addalock is compatible with your door if the Test for Fit End

fits smoothly in this small space while closing the door. Note:  Do

not force the door shut if there is not enough room for the Test for Fit End.




Addalock Step 2


Step 2: Next open the door and remove the Test for Fit End. Insert the

Addalock’s Claw End (it has 2 protruding claws. The end the Test for Fit

End) into the Hole of the Strike Plate.




Addalock Step 3


Step 3: While holding the Addalock, close the door once the Claws of

the Addalock’s stainless steel body are inserted into the Strike Plate.

The stainless steel body is now firmly locked into place.




Addalock Step 4A



Step 4A: You will now install the Red Handle Lock into the Addalock.

The vital component of the Red Handle is the Moving Metal Rod in the handle.








Addalock Step 4B

Step 4B: Pick up the Red Handle, holding it by the top (widest part in picture 4A).

Insert the moving metal rod into the triangular hole of the stainless steel body

(the part you placed into the door during Step 3) on the side between the Addalock’s

stainless steel body and the door knob/handle. The Red Handle will slide down till it

locks in place.



Addalock Step 5AAddalock Step 5B


Step 5A & 5B: Once you have completed Steps 1A thru 4B the Addalock Red Handle should be wedged against the door. See pictures 5A & 5B. Your Addalock is now in place and your door is locked!




How to Remove the Addalock

Lift the Red Handle and remove the moving metal rod from the triangular hole. Release the Addalock’s body from the door’s strike plate by opening the door. Place the Addalock back into it’s handy carrying pouch. Keep the Addalock close by so that you can reuse it. You can have easy access to the Addalock by hanging it on a hook near the door.



And so you want to know how to lock a door like James Bond 007? By using the Addalock portable door lock. Remember, the Addalock fits most hinged doors that swing inward. With this great tool you can easily add an extra layer of security & safety. Keep an Addalock on you when travelling abroad. I would recommend using this incredible portable door lock on your home’s front door, on Hotel & Motel room doors, on an Apartment door, a University dorm room door, or the door in any shared accommodation.


An Additional Thought

I was thinking the other day about the poor victims in the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy. Some of the people were able to escape to a bathroom in an attempt to hide from the terrorist. Sadly, the door had no patron lock. The shooter got into the bathroom and shot some of the people inside. Although I have not seen the door, the Addalock probably could have been used to lock and barricade the door. A shooter probably will seek the path of least resistance. If they can’t get through a door they will go somewhere else. Domestic terrorists live on borrowed time when they go into action. I think the Addalock can actually save lives. Just think of the Virginia Tech Tragedy. I remember an account in which a professor blocked a class room door with his body in order to protect his students. The shooter forced his way into the room and shot the professor and some students. The Addalock probably would have saved their lives by securing the door. Please understand I am not recommending that you live in a constant state of paranoia. However, the Addalock is so small and portable you can easily carry it with you without a hassle. Remember, chance favors the prepared mind!


Where to Buy

You can buy the Addalock at Amazon or direct from the manufacturer. Click on either of these links to purchase the Addalock:  Amazon Addalock or Manufacturer Addalock. Also, you can click on the following link for more information and additional demo videos:  Addalock Info







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