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This last week has been an eye-opener. I received 2 Thank You’s that have shown me I need to continue on with breaking the taboos of suicide, depression, & mental health. One came from an old college friend (I have known her since kindergarten) who had just returned from a school district conference in which they had discussed the growing rise & dangers of suicide among children as young as 10 years of age. The 2nd came from a dear soul I know (they will remain anonymous) whom I did not know was/is struggling with great duress, depression, & alcoholism. As I listened to their story and shared I showed them the recent posts on MakeTrix. As we talked and looked at the posts, this dear one started to cry and thanked me. I about lost it right there. I do not deserve the thank you’s but I do appreciate them. I just believe in giving back to others and have a great desire to help the suffering as I have been there. Which leads us to today’s post, How Hunter Kent Overcame Life-Threatening Teenage Depression.


The Incredible Story of Hunter Kent

I am very concerned about our youth. They are growing up in a harsher world than the one I grew up in. Currently, fewer jobs exist in America than in the past while college expenses are outrageously high. Most students incur difficult financial debts by obtaining a college education. One can easily understand the emotional pressures they face. But I know that sometimes the words of an adult can seem hollow to a teenager. After all I was once one (hard to believe right?). So I decided to search the internet for a testimonial from a teenager who had fought depression & self-destructive behavior. I knew there had to be one out there. And then I found Hunter Kent’s story. It is tempting to write out her story in this post but then I would be stealing her thunder. This video is courtesy of the TEDX YouTube Channel.

As a teaser, I just want to give you a few tempting morsels. As of January 2015, Hunter Kent was a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School. Hunter is a naturally shy introvert. From the Third Grade through her Sophomore year, Hunter Kent fought a debilitating depression that left her with no hope. She no longer wanted to exist. This seemingly endless tunnel of depression led her to the practice of Cutting, the practice of cutting ones skin as a go-to coping mechanism for depression. And that is all I am going to share. Watch the video and listen to her story. And remember, she is naturally a shy introvert. Why do I remind you of this? Because her presentation & oration are incredible. Her presentation is better than those I have seen from Fortune 500 executives! She is a brave soul and you need to lend her your ear. If you know a young person who is struggling with depression, I wholeheartedly encourage you to share this video with them. Better still, watch the video with them. And remember How Hunter Kent Overcame Life-Threatening Teenage Depression.

Hunter’s Plea

I know that there are people in this audience who have experienced or are currently struggling with depression. THIS IS FOR YOU! You are not in a bottomless pit. You are not in an endless tunnel without light. You are not a hopeless cause. Help is out there. You are loved and you are cared for… My life did not just get better on its own. With help from friends old & new I realized that I am worth so much more than I once thought. I have the power & the ability to view the world in a new way as a place of endless possibilities & amazing people… I HAVE EMERGED! And so can you.


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