Directory of USA Biodiesel Producers

Directory of Major U.S. Biodiesel Producers     Download Directory of U.S. Biodiesel Producers

I have compiled a directory of USA biodiesel producers. The below directory is sortable by column with the original default sorted by state. Where possible, each company name is linked to the url for it’s website and/or an appropriate internet article. Each company data row contains information regarding the company’s biodiesel feedstock, annual production capacity, address, phone number, and email. Please note that the units MMGY (for annual production capacity) stand for million gallons per year. During my research, I eliminated those producers who have gone idle or out of business. In addition, I weeded out all website url’s that have been infected by malware (you would be astonished at what I saw/found). This compendium is a great source of information on biodiesel manufacturing in the United States. For example, I would definitely check out the following website’s on innovative biodiesel technologies:  Dallas Water Utilitie’s Cease the Grease Program, Ever Cat Fuels’ Mcgyan Process, Novozymes North Amerca’s Non-Catalytic Technology, Viesel Fuel’s Enzymatic Process, World Energy’s ShockWave Power Reactor (high speed cavitation process). Many people are putting out a tremendous effort to advance the production and usage of biodiesel fuels in the United States.

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