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Abraham Lincoln by Wendelin © 2016.

Time for Some Inspiration

One of America’s best-known and best-loved Presidents was Abraham Lincoln.  Let’s talk about President Abraham Lincoln. You are probably thinking ‘Why should we talk about Lincoln. He was not an engineer nor an inventor.’ Well Abraham Lincoln is the embodiment of the Maker mindset. I really like Lincoln and believe he was our greatest President.


Bear with Me

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky. He was the second son born to Thomas & Nancy Lincoln. His family was poor and he lived the life of a pioneer & farmer. He first started using an axe as a woodsman (to help his father clear trees from their land) at the incredible age of 7 years! Ole Abe worked with an axe up through the age of 23. Lincoln was a driven hard worker. During his formative years, he worked the land and even piloted flat-boats destined for the New Orleans market.


Now hear is the real kicker. Abraham Lincoln had NO, NADA, ZERO formal education. He himself estimated that his total time in schooling was not even one year! Due to his poverty and family circumstances, Lincoln never attended any university or college as a student. And yet he is considered one of the greatest orators, writers, and leaders of all U.S. Presidents. How? Abraham Lincoln was a Maker. What he learned he taught himself through personal reading and study. He molded himself into a great leader while enduring incredibly difficult personal times. As a leader, he had great success in bringing unity to a divided nation.


Time for the Real Inspiration

Do you know that before he became President in 1860, Abraham Lincoln experienced 28 years of almost constant failures. It is encouraging to know that many people who became great did so because they knew they could begin again.


In 1832, Abraham Lincoln lost his job and was defeated in his run for the legislature. The next year, he failed in business and declared bankruptcy. Then in 1834, he was elected to the legislature, but the following year, his sweetheart died. 2 years later, he suffered a nervous breakdown.


In 1838, he lost his bid for Speaker of the House and in 1843, he was defeated in the nomination to Congress. Later in 1846, he was elected to Congress — but lost the seat just 2 years later. In 1849, he was rejected for Land Officer.  Then in 1854 and again in 1858, he was defeated for the Senate.


Abraham Lincoln, The King of Do Overs

Finally, in 1860, after numerous defeats, rejections, and failures — he was elected President of the United States. His success came after 28 years of beginning again. And this is what he wrote, just shortly before he was killed:

God selects his own instruments, and sometimes very queer ones. For instance, he chose me to steer the ship through a great crisis.’


Wake Up

In other words, we learn from our mistakes. You can start over after rejection, loss, and failure!  No matter what your failures, your hurts, or your past have brought you — God’s grace is sufficient for you to make a brand new start. Personally, I have experienced many failures. No matter how many times I fall down, I get right back up & move forward. I may move only one inch or maybe 100 miles. The key is to get back up, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward.


Note: The incredible color portrait of Abraham Lincoln is used with generous permission from the artist Wendelin of Germany. You really need to check out Wendelin’s incredible artwork! Click on this link Wendelin (really great artwork of Native Americans) or visit www.deviantart.com. You may want to create a free account with deviantart.com to view the art. Trust me, it is worth it!








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