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Rudolf Diesel- Biofuels VisionaryBiodieselRudolf Diesel invented the Compression Heat Engine, more commonly known today as the Diesel Engine. In addition, Diesel was also a great biofuels visionary.
What is Biodiesel?BiodieselWhat is biodiesel? Biodiesel is an alternative clean burning fuel produced from renewable domestic resources. Biodiesel is a sustainable fuel.
Busting 12 Biodiesel MythsBiodieselSadly, many misbeliefs & misconceptions exist regarding biodiesel fuel & biodiesel production. Today, we are permanently busting 12 biodiesel myths.
Biodiesel Primer: From the Deep Fryer to the Fuel TankBiodieselWith this short biodiesel primer & video, you will learn in a fun way the chemistry of biodiesel production through the use of some great visuals.
Biodiesel’s Greatest AdvantageBiodieselWhat is Biodiesel's greatest advantage? In my opinion, biodiesel fuel is the only alternative renewable fuel that can be manufactured on any scale!
How Biodiesel is Made: Part 1BiodieselAt long last we dive into the details of how biodiesel is made. All biodiesel is made from vegetable oils and/or animal fats.
The Empire State Reveals How Biodiesel is Made: Part 2BiodieselThe Empire State reveals How Biodiesel is Made. In New York an incredible business model has emerged for the collection, production, & distribution of biodiesel fuel.
What are the Major Global Biodiesel Feedstocks?BiodieselWhat are the major global biodiesel feedstocks in use today? Table#1 depicts the physical properties & characteristics of major global biodiesel feedstocks.
Major USA Biodiesel FeedstocksBiodieselWhat are the major USA biodiesel feedstocks? Our post breaks down the current American biodiesel feedstocks and compares them with those used world wide.
Directory of USA Biodiesel ProducersBiodieselAn exhaustive directory of USA biodiesel producers is provided. Each producer's biodiesel feedstock, annual production capacity, address, phone number, and email are listed.
Awesome Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur Awesome Unit Conversion Tools provide 8 conversion calculators for common units of measurement. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: angle, area, fuel consumption, length, temperature, volume, dry volume, and weight. Unlike other unit conversion calculators, we have literally provided all known units of measure for each calculator, including even ancient measurement units!
Electricity Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsWelcome to our electricity unit conversion tools for common units of measure. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: charge, linear charge density, surface charge density, volume charge density, current, linear current density, surface current density, electric field strength, electric potential, electric resistance, electric resistivity, electric conductance, electric conductivity, electrostatic capacitance, and inductance.
Ultimate General Physics Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur General Physics Unit Conversion Tools provide 7 conversion calculators for common units of measurement. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: energy, force, numbers, power, pressure, velocity, and time. Unlike other unit conversion calculators, we have provided all known units of measure for each calculator, including even units of measure from antiquity!
Radiology Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur radiology unit conversion tools provide conversions for units of radiation, radiation-activity, radiation-exposure, and radiation-absorbed dose.
Engineering Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur Engineering Unit Conversion Tools provide 8 conversion calculators for engineering units of measurement. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: acceleration, acceleration-angular, velocity-angular, density, specific volume, moment of force, moment of inertia, and torque.
Fluid Mechanics Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur Fluid Mechanics Unit Conversion Tools as a new feature to the MakeTrix. This conversion tool provides 10 conversion calculators for fluid mechanics units of measurement. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: flow, flow-mass, flow-molar, mass flux density, concentration-molar, concentration-solution, viscosity-dynamic, viscosity-kinematic, surface tension, and permeability.
Light Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur Light Unit Conversion Tools provide 5 conversion calculators for photometric units of measurement. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: luminance, luminous intensity, illumination, frequency wavelength, and digital image resolution.
Magnetism Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur Magnetism Unit Conversion Tools provide 4 conversion calculators for magnetism units of measurement. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: magnetomotive force, magnetic field strength, magnetic flux, and magnetic flux density.
Motley Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsThis tool provides unit conversion calculators that do not fit well into standard engineering and scientific categories. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: data storage, data transfer, European Union currency, lumber volume, prefixes, sound, & typography.
Thermodynamic Unit Conversion ToolsCalculatorsOur Thermodynamic Unit Conversion Tools provide 8 conversion calculators for magnetism units of measurement. Here you will find unit conversion calculators for the following units of measure: fuel efficiency- mass, fuel efficiency- volume, heat density, heat flux density, heat transfer coefficient, temperature interval, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, thermal resistance, and specific heat capacity.
Interactive Periodic Table of the ElementsChemistryWelcome to our interactive Periodic Table of the Elements. Enter the element name or element symbol into the data entry field and then click on the SUBMIT button. A popup window will appear providing a wealth of information on your chosen element. Said information includes: location in the periodic table, picture of element, basic elemental properties, thermodynamic properties, material properties, electromagnetic properties, reactivity, atomic properties, abundances, nuclear properties, & classification identifiers. The data will even include the current commodity price for the precious metals.
W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points for ManagementContinuous ImprovementW. Edwards Deming's 14 Points for Management. Deming's principles for revolutionizing industry and management through continuous improvement.
Management 101: Deming’s Role of a ManagerContinuous ImprovementDeming's Role of a Manager of People. Dr. Deming's insights denote the practices of a true leader. The role of a manager of people after transformation.
The Amazing Life of W Edwards DemingContinuous ImprovementThe amazing life of W Edwards Deming. Much can be said about this tireless visionary. Deming is the father of continual improvement & quality management.
PDSA: Awesome Roadmap for Continuous ImprovementContinuous ImprovementIn short, the PDSA Cycle is a flow diagram model for learning and for the improvement of a process or product. PDSA simply stands for Plan Do Study Act.
What is Deming’s System of Profound KnowledgeContinuous ImprovementDr. W. Edwards Deming developed the System of Profound Knowledge to address a method for transforming an institution into a thriving, viable organization.
The Spark that Ignited the Japanese Kaizen RevolutionContinuous ImprovementWhat was the spark that ignited the Japanese Kaizen Revolution? As Dr. Edwards Deming clearly testified the Production viewed as a System flow diagram is the spark that in 1950 and onward turned Japan around. Includes an animated illustration of the PVS diagram.
Chemical Resistance ChartEngineeringThis interactive Chemical Resistance Chart will aid you in your material/chemical compatibility research. This index contains the chemical resistance data for 42 different materials in relation to a total of 584 chemicals, a staggering 24,528 combinations!
Metric Tap Drill Chart for Machine ScrewsEngineeringThis interactive Tap Drill and Clearance Drill Chart as an engineering & machining resource when working with ISO Metric Thread Machine Screws. The chart is simple and free to use.
Tap Drill Chart for Machine ScrewsEngineeringThis interactive Clearance Drill and Tap Drill Chart s an engineering & machining resource for working with American National Thread Machine Screws. The chart is simple to use.
Interactive Resistor Color Code CalculatorEngineeringWe are excited about our newest addition to the MakeTrix, our Interactive Resistor Color Code Calculator. This user friendly calculator will translate the color codes on 4 Band, 5 Band, & 6 Band resistors and output the actual electrical resistance, tolerance, & temperature coefficient of any given resistor.
Welcome to the MakeTrixGeneralWelcome to the MakeTrix Blog! The MakeTrix provides free practical solutions to real world problems. We focus on Make IT Yourself (MIY) applications.
Pixabay Stock Photos & Clip Art, the Stunning Library of Free ImagesGraphic ArtsPixabay stock photos is an internet library of quality public domain images. Pixabay contains 710,000+ free stock photos, videos, & art illustrations.
Groundbreaking Software for Painting Masterpieces on a BudgetGraphic ArtsPD Howler, the groundbreaking software for painting masterpieces on a budget. PD Howler will turbo charge your artistic endeavors!
Amazing Art on a BudgetGraphic ArtsHow to create amazing art using Project Dogwaffle Howler and PD Artist. You can design digital masterpieces with this low cost multimedia software.
How to Bake Awesome Pumpkin Praline MuffinsGreat RecipesHow to Bake Awesome Pumpkin Praline Muffins. One of Baker Joe's favorite receipes, you can bake these wonderful treats for the holidays.
How to Make a Scrumptious Chocolate Pecan PieGreat RecipesA great recipe for baking a scrumptious Chocolate Pecan Pie. This easy recipe will make a delicious chocolate pecan pie that will bring them back for more!
Killer Recipe for Tex-Mex Chili PaellaGreat RecipesOur killer recipe for making Tex-Mex Chili Paella. This hearty recipe cooks up a delicious southwestern treat that will bring them back for more!
Amazing Gin-Steeped Raisins May Relieve PainHealth & SafetyEnjoy are insightful article on gin-steeped raisins and their ability to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. Our article includes the recipe for making gin-steeped raisins.
Will Gin-Steeped Raisins Increase Your Blood Alcohol Level?Health & SafetyAt long last, our scientific test results are in. Will gin-steeped raisins increase your blood alcohol level? Check out our post to see the conclusive results!
Awesome Remedies for Pain ReliefHealth & SafetyWelcome to our exhaustive compendium on awesome remedies for pain relief. We discuss homeopathic treatments using Botanicals, MSM Supplements, & Pain Blockers.
DIY Soothing Skin Protectant BalmHealth & SafetyOur DIY Soothing Skin Protectant Balm recipe empowers you to make a creative skin balm for relieving the symptoms of dry skin, eczema, & psoriasis.
Great Solutions for Eczema ReliefHealth & SafetyOur post on fighting eczema based upon my personal experiences & research. Relief is at hand, suffer no more!
Mark Died for a Text Message: Family Takes the High RoadHealth & SafetyMark died for a text message. This is the story of how Mark's family took the high road and turned tragedy into a public safety movement.
7 Misconceptions About SuicideHealth & SafetyOne key to preventing suicide is to dispel the 7 misconceptions about suicide. In this post we dispel 7 deadly myths about suicide.
15 Crucial Statistics for Suicide Awareness & PreventionHealth & SafetyOur post on Suicide Awareness & Prevention. The statistics are alarming, especially the data regarding children. Suicide is real but it is preventable. No one person should be left alone to fight this condition.
How Hunter Kent Overcame Life-Threatening Teenage DepressionHealth & SafetyHunter Kent spent many of her teen years battling devastating depression. She courageously shares her profound journey from despair to peace.
Doctor John Campo Talks Candidly About Suicide In Young People Health & SafetyDr. John Campo talks about a serious public health issue that doesn’t get much attention—suicide in young people. More young people die of suicide than cancer, heart problems, respiratory problems, HIV, meningitis, and influenza combined.
Confronting the Cultural Taboos of Suicide and Mental IllnessHealth & SafetyHands down, John Nieuwenburg's video testimonial is the most challenging, courageous appeal for confronting the cultural taboos of suicide and mental illness. John Nieuwenburg is an award-winning business coach and the owner of W5 Coaching.
The Man in the Arena, Roosevelt’s Inspirational QuoteHistory'The Man in the Arena', Theodore Roosevelt's inspirational quote from the speech 'Citizenship In A Republic' delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France.
The Proclamation of the American Thanksgiving HolidayHistoryWhat led to the Proclamation of the American Thanksgiving Holiday? Who were the authors of this great holiday? The answers will surprise you!
How to lock a door like James Bond 007Home CareHow to lock a door like James Bond 007 using the Addalock. We demonstrate how to use the incredible Addalock portable door lock to secure and lock a door.
What do you have in common with Abraham Lincoln?InspirationWhat do you have in common with Abraham Lincoln? Lincoln is the king of start overs! Abraham Lincoln is the very embodiment of the Maker mindset.
Weathering the Storms of LifeInspirationHoratio Spafford is a shining example of courage under adversity. The need for weathering the storms of life will confront us all. Consider his life story.
A. W. Tozer on FailureInspirationAn inspiring message by A W Tozer on Failure. Tozer provides 4 SIMPLE RULES to live by when you are down-and-out, discouraged, troubled, and lost.
A Solemn Tribute to Sergeant Kimberly WalkerInspirationSergeant Kimberly Walker's memorial is the most profound, inspirational, spiritually challenging grave site in the United States. If you live in Cincinnati or are ever in the area, you need to pay your respects to Sergeant Kimberly Walker. You won’t regret it.
The Search for Inner Peace- An IntroductionInspirationThis first post is word-for-word from Dr. Gerald Mann's introduction to The Search for Inner Peace. We will present the contents of this wonderful book in the style of serialized posts, much like the methods used by American magazines during the 19th & 20th centuries.
Who was Gerald MannInspirationOur biography on Dr. Gerald Mann, the grass-roots author of The Search for Inner Peace.
Challenging Our IllusionsInspirationDr. Mann confronts the three illusions and false self-images we all grow up with. As long as we clutch them as reality, there can be no inner peace.
Accepting the Truth About GodInspirationAccepting the Truth About God: the 2nd Chapter in our expose on The Search for Inner Peace. Two radical heartwarming truths about God.
Feeling God’s ForgivenessInspirationHow do we experience the forgiveness of God? Gerald Mann's response will surprise you. When the world rejects you, God is always there for you, at all times, through thick & thin, through heartache & trouble.... no matter what!
Giving God's ForgivenessInspirationChapter 4 of The Search for Inner Peace. Jesus' radical, outlaw concept of giving God's forgiveness to those who wrong you, Zero Revenge/Zero Resentment.
Financial Peace Through GivingInspirationOne of the major barriers to experiencing true peace has to do with money. An important issue is the question of how we can achieve financial peace of mind. One of our great enemies is our inability to relate to and be comfortable with money.
How to Deal with Unresolved AngerInspirationUnresolved anger is the number one killer of intimacy. How can we cope with anger and still maintain healthy, intimate relationships?
The Power of LaughterInspirationChapter 7 of Gerald Mann's The Search for Inner Peace. How laughter empowers health and personal relationships.
Finding the Will of GodInspirationChapter 8, the final chapter of Dr. Gerald Mann's The Search for Inner Peace. The secret to finding God's will is letting the will of God find you.
How to Generate Free Custom QR CodesMultimediaLearn how to generate free custom QR Codes. This simple process will empower you to add powerful interactive capabilities to your business cards & flyers.
Fundamental Physical ConstantsScienceEnjoy our free interactive table of fundamental physical constants. You will find values for common constants of chemistry, physics, & mathematics.
Currency Conversion CalculatorToolsWe have provided two different functions with our currency conversion calculator. The first tool is a currency calculator in which you choose the FROM and the TO currencies for the monetary conversion calculation. In addition, the second tool provides up-to-date currency exchange rates with respect to the U.S. dollar.
Global Stock MarketsToolsOur powerful comprehensive tool providing tabular financial overviews of global stock markets divided into Equities, Indicies, Commodities, & Currencies.