Biodiesel Primer: From the Deep Fryer to the Fuel Tank   Recently Updated!

From the Deep Fryer to the Fuel Tank: A Biodiesel Primer

I wanted to post a great video that explains in a simple straight forward manner the basics of biodiesel production. TED-ED’s Biodiesel: The afterlife of oil by Natascia Radice is great for this purpose. This 5 minute video provides an excellent biodiesel primer. I bet you didn’t know that you could get involved with biodiesel production (even if you do not want to manufacture the fuel)? How? By recycling your used cooking oil at a recycling center. Used oil recycling centers provide some of the feedstocks used by biodiesel refineries in the manufacture of biodiesel. Or in other words, a Biodiesel Primer: From the Deep Fryer to the Fuel Tank. In this introduction to biodiesel production, you will learn in a fun way the chemistry of biodiesel production through the use of some great visuals.

FUN FACT: If all of the grease New Yorkers throw away in 1 day was converted to jet fuel it would be enough to power several hundred flights from New York to Los Angeles.


A Remarkable Revelation

In the weeks to come, you will appreciate one incredible feature of biodiesel fuel. In my opinion, biodiesel fuel is the only alternative renewable fuel that can be manufactured on any scale! If you are single consumer, you can “home brew” your own biodiesel. A group of individuals can form a co-operative and manufacture larger volumes of biodiesel for the co-op members. On the grand scale, a biodiesel refinery can manufacture biodiesel for the nation. Biodiesel enables scalable fuel production with the freedom to implement different techniques based upon consumption levels. Biodiesel production can even be implemented in impoverished remote villages to fulfill energy needs.

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